Why Yoga?

While all other forms of physical exercise work only on skeletal and cardiac muscles, yoga asanas work also on the smooth muscles (organs) of the body. Hence not only do they help one build strength and flexibility, but they also help regulate the secretion of hormones, and optimize the metabolic rate.


What is special about us?

We train our participants in Ashtanga Vinyāsa Yoga. It is a selection of some very effective (and intense) yoga postures that are performed in a particular sequence. One flows from one asana to the other with each breath, holding it for a few breaths, before flowing into the next asana with the next breath. 

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Vinyāsa Yoga


Restart your fitness journey with the most dynamic form of yoga



Secrets of Ayurveda

For a healthy and long life

Vinyāsa Yoga – The Mother of Power Yoga!

Vinyāsa is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘to place in a special way’. Most yoga asana classes around the world teach Hatha Yoga, which comprises of hundreds of different asanas that are performed in no specific sequence. Vinyāsa Yoga is a selection of some of these Hatha Yoga postures that are performed in a particular sequence.

This system of Yoga was rediscovered by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya from a 5000 year old text ‘Yoga Kurunta’, and was later taught by him to Pattabhi Jois in the 20th century. Pattabhi Jois popularized Vinyāsa Yoga which gave rise to various spinoff styles of Power Yoga.

There are certain things that make Vinyāsa Yoga very special.

  1. Uses a scientific approach: It gradually mobilizes the entire body moving upwards from legs to neck. While moving from one āsasna to the other, a set of three spine flexing asanas are performed which refresh the spine, making the entire process smoother.

  2. Builds strength and flexibility: There is continuous movement of the body with each breath in Vinyāsa Yoga. This flow throughout the session helps build stamina. Also, the use of one’s own body weight in different postures helps build strength and flexibility.

  3. Sustainable weight loss: Vinyāsa yoga works not only on your skeletal muscles, but also on your cardiac muscles and smooth muscles (organs), helping the body optimize its metabolic rate. The weight loss is not only quick, but also sustainable.

  4. Opens up energy channels: The āsanas clear up the energy channels of the body keeping you active and energetic throughout the day.

As a participant of these classes, you will get to learn the unadulterated form of Vinyāsa Yoga from your trainers who have thousands of hours of training experience.


Beyond Bitter Kaadhaas

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Ayurveda’? Usually it’s the image of herbs and ugly-looking-bitter-tasting-kaadhaas. But Ayurveda is a lot more than that! 

If you and your friend are suffering from an ailment, and you consult an allopathic doctor, the doctor would recommend the same treatment/medicines to both of you. Whereas in Ayurveda, the treatment/medicines would depend upon three factors – season, patient’s body composition, and his/her age. Ayurveda works on a fundamental principle that everybody’s body type is different. 

But that’s when you fall ill. By adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle, you will fall ill less often. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it says that if you use your food like medicine, you will never have to use medicine as your food. Just like preventive maintenance can help you avoid breakdown of your vehicle, eating food according to season, your body type and age can help you boost your immunity.

In this module, Dr. Rupali Vairage covers all the important aspects of Ayurveda that you can use in your daily life. Not only will it help you stay fit, but it will help you cut down on your medical expenses. You can also request for a one-on-one consultation.