From The Founder

Why the sense of achievement that we get after chasing our goals for years, is usually momentary?

What is right and what is wrong? And how does it change as the context changes?

Why is it so difficult to quieten the chatter of the mind?

A lot of such existential questions kept popping in my mind in my early thirties. My alma mater IIM Ahmedabad taught me how to apply several frameworks to manage different business scenarios. But that left me wondering, “Is there any framework to manage our lives better?” I got the job that I wanted, the position in society that I wanted, the money that I wanted. But despite the materialistic success, I could sense a void. 

I quit my job, and for more than a year, delved into the realms of spirituality and psychology. I found an ocean of information out there when I start dabbling in this field. It was (not so) amusing to see that spirituality is being diluted and sold like cola. A lot of ‘manthan’ (churning) had to be done to find the ‘tattva’ (essence).

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My vision was to come up with simple, relevant and effective offerings that could help people overcome the challenges of their lives, and experience bliss. Project Ashtanga is the culmination of that vision.


As I spent more time in this industry and got connected to a lot of yoga trainers, I realized that the yoga industry has become very competitive. The growth has been lopsided, with a lot of yoga trainers getting added every month on to the supply side, whereas relatively lower number of yoga students getting added on to the demand side. This led to the conception of YOGrowth - a complete sales, marketing and business strategy training program for yogapreneurs.  

Be it Project Ashtanga, or YOGrowth, my idea is to make yoga touch more lives, and also to make people realize that yoga is a lot more than what one does on the mat, so that they can use this beautiful framework to live life to its full potential.

Hope to see you in one of our programs!

Ashu Nitin Anant.