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From a victim of politics to a student of politics! 

The Anatomy Of Power And Politics

Look around yourself at workplace, you will find a lot of deserving people stuck in roles that do not do justice to their talent. Also, you will find a lot of undeserving people going places. Just being talented and meritorious at work does not ensure you career growth and job satisfaction. What is the missing ingredient?

The biggest source of stress for most working people is workplace politics, which gives rise to a lot of other issues like career stagnancy and instability. Neither at school, nor at university is the art of handling workplace politics taught. Let us understand why it is so important.


There are two layers in the corporate world:

  1. Operational layer

  2. Underlying layer

In the first few years of their career, most people stay engaged only in the operational layer, trying to gain mastery over their work. It is usually only after a few years that they start feeling the effects of the underlying layer – the layer of power and politics, when opportunities start going to less-deserving people, or when they start feeling victimized.


In such situations they either continue struggling, or switch jobs, only to see the history repeat itself in the new organization after some time. Only a few learn the art of sensing the under-currents, and make use of it to their advantage.


But how does one learn the art of harnessing power? Just by reading books, or by watching youtube videos? Had it been that easy, then there wouldn’t have been so much dissatisfaction around.


In our Mastering Workplace Politics workshop, we have put together a number of real life scenarios and dilemmas. The participants go through the reference material, and use critical reasoning to come up with holistic and workable strategies for each case. This brings a complete change in perspective, enabling them to handle the workplace dynamics to their advantage. Also, we cover in detail the different types of networks at workplace, and how to create and use them.