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Why This Workshop?

With lacs of people on dating apps, coming across new people has become a lot easier than ever before. But while it is relatively easier to match with a lot of people on these apps, making meaningful connections still remains a very hard nut to crack. 

Here are some statistics from Bumble - one of the leading dating apps. The data shows the preferences indicated by users in the age range of 30 to 50 years, pan-India.

Dating Table.PNG

*Only those users were considered for the study who have indicated their preference

So what does the data say?

At first glance – women seem to be having a lot more options to choose from, as compared to men.
After digging a few layers – the picture looks pretty different! Most of the women who were interviewed said that a lot of men just pretend that they want something serious, otherwise only a few women would show interest in them.

Hence, in reality, there are just a handful of men who are looking for something serious. And if some sort of a pecking order of these men is to be considered, most women find only about 10% of these men interesting.

Crux of the story!

Now that completely inverts the statistics – 24 women trying to catch the attention of around 5 men! This imbalance has the following consequences:

  1. Spoilt for choice, a lot of these 'interesting' men start dating multiple women

  2. Only 20% of the women end up finding something meaningful

  3. Rest 80% of women either lose hope (and also a lot of time), or settle for something less than what they deserve and desire

  4. Also, a vast majority of men also find it difficult to find what they are looking for

What next?

If you are one of those 80% women who haven’t been able to find what they are looking for, what would you do?

And if you are one of those men, who are looking for something serious, and are still not able to find (or keep engaged) someone you like and deserve, what would you do?

In this workshop, we cover this topic in detail by analyzing real-life stories and dilemmas. Investing three hours here will help you save a lot of time and effort (and heartaches).



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