Ashu Nitin Anant


While his alma mater IIM Ahmedabad taught him the art of maneuvering through chaos, the pursuit of Ashtānga Yoga helped Ashu find his pole star. His Ikigai - Tattva Manthan, is the culmination of the learnings of his life, and his passion to help people find their bliss. 

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Ramya Vajapeyam

Spiritual Guide

Ramya is on a spiritual journey - integrating aspects of Nature, Yoga, Tantra, Advaita Vedānta, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics to bring about a simplistic approach towards understanding the truth of who we really are, what human potentiality and power is, and how we can grow beyond our day-to-day limitations and suffering to create a life of abundance, gratitude, and joy.


Namita Pathania Rana


Most of us either suppress our emotions and feelings, or get overwhelmed by them, and this imbalance impacts our relationship with self and others. Having found her Ikigai in psychology, over the last 14 years Namita has helped a lot of individuals and couples build and nurture beautiful relations. 


Tasnim Banu


Right from the age of 13, Tasnim was fascinated about how the human mind functions - no wonder she topped her class during her postgrad in Psychology. Very beautifully she busts the myth that "psychologists tell you what to do in life"; she is here to help you acquire the art of asking the right questions to yourself, answers will automatically follow.


Sarbajit Ghatak

Wealth Creation Expert

A healthy bank-balance liberates us and makes us feel more secure in life. Sarbajit has over a decade's experience in wealth creation and management which helps him put people's net-worth on an upward trajectory, irrespective of the starting point. Besides collaborating with Tattva Manthan, he runs his own financial management startup.

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Dr. Rupali Vairage

Ayurveda Doctor

An Ayurveda Doctor on a mission to spread awareness about the ancient secrets of living a healthy and long life without having to rely on medicines. Having healed thousands of patients over the last 13 years, Dr. Vairage brings with her a lot of knowledge and expertise. With Vedan, her Ayurveda clinic, she is doing some commendable work, and now she has collaborated with Tattva Manthan to touch more lives.


Arijita Mukherjee

Vinyāsa Yoga Guru

Breaking stereotypes since her childhood, Arijita is a marketing expert turned Ashtānga Vinyāsa Yoga guru. She left her high flying corporate job to follow her passion - helping people inch closer to uniting their body, mind and soul. She will make you fall in love with your mat, and also with yourself. 


Shivani Gurung

Hatha and Vinyāsa Yoga Acharya

A perfect embodiment of the Patanjali's yoga sutra - sthirasukham āsanam, Shivani radiates a blissful energy. The nuances of the art of teaching yoga that she learnt during 800 hours of training that she received by some of the best Vinyāsa and Hatha yoga gurus of India, helped her guide over a thousand people on their yoga journey.


Harshita Bora

Client Relationship Manager

The youngest member of our team, Harshita will probably be the first one you will speak to. Although she is still pursuing her education, she joined hands with us because she cares for the cause that Tattva Manthan stands for, and wants a lot of people to get benefited out of it.