Let's Talk Business!

Why should a prospective customer choose you and not your competitor?
How do you showcase what is special about you to your target segment?
And before that, who really is your target segment?

Let's face the fact - the skillset required for teaching yoga is very different from the skillset required for establishing and running a successful yoga business.

We can talk about it for hours, but we believe that if you are on this page, you must have already felt the heat of competition in this rapidly growing $80 billion yoga industry. So we will come straight to the point!

We offer training programs (beyond TTC) that can help you thrive in this industry by building your own immaculate yoga brand. It will not be an overnight change, but we will help you get on to the right track, just like you help your yoga students get on to the right track!

Why Choose Us!

Why Not?

You ask for a reason, let us give you three!


  1. You can either

    (a). spend a lot of time experimenting, going through hundreds of videos and articles on brand building, consequently missing out on a lot of opportunities (revenue), or

    (b). make use of the expertise available at our end and avoid making the mistakes that most yogapreneurs make.

    Which of the two options sounds smarter? 


  2. Our programs are super-affordable and value for money. The beginner program starts at just ₹499.

  3. The coach has been in this business for quite some time and has the following credentials:

  • MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

  • Over a decade's senior level experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Strategy

  • Knows the yoga industry very well as he himself is an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga trainer

  • Runs his start-up Tattva Manthan which deals in the space of holistic wellness

Choose Your Program

  • Beginner (3 hrs)

    Basics of establishing a successful yoga business
    Valid for one week
    • Understanding yoga industry landscape
    • Developing a vision for your yoga business
    • Devising your revenue model
  • Intermediate (7 hrs)

    Freezing the key factors of success for your yoga business
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Creating an offering that stands out from competition
    • Carving out a strategic pricing model
    • Exploring unique ways of finding new customers
    • Mastering new ways of retaining existing customers
    • + All that is included in the Beginner program
  • Best Value

    Advanced (15 hrs)

    Building an impeccable brand that stands out
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Choosing your business name
    • Making a logo that stands out
    • Devising your content strategy
    • Creating a stunning, professional and functional website
    • Mastering the art of video ads
    • Exploring social media digital marketing
    • + All that is included in Beginner and Intermediate programs